International Cooperation

To further broaden education horizons, DUFE began to encourage international cooperation and exchange from 1994, under the guideline of “high standards and internationalization”. With the experience of more than one decades, the University has gradually brought about internationalization in terms of instructional languages, teaching materials, curriculum systems and administration patterns. So far, DUFE has established friendly cooperative relations with 75 universities and one international agency from 18 different countries or regions.

Parterners of DUFE

  • Austria

FH KufsteinTirol University of Applied Sciences                               student exchange

  • Australia

Curtin University                                                                                      3+1 dual bachelor degrees
University of Adelaide                                                                             1+1 pre-master programGordon Institute
Monash University    

Victoria University of Technology


  • Canada

    Huron University College, University of Western Ontario                 2+2 dual bachelor degrees
     King's University College, University of Western Ontario                  2+2 dual bachelor degrees
    King's University College, University of Western Ontario                   2+2 dual bachelor degrees 
    Queen’s University, Canada
    Saint Mary’s University


  • Denmark

Odense Business College


  • Finland

Turku Polytechnic


  • France

Normandy Business School                                                                        

student exchange

Blaise Pascal University

University of Le Havre


  • Ireland

    Athlone Institute of Technology                                                                 

  •   pre-university and 2+2 bachelor degrees  
    Griffith University

    University of Florence


  • Germany

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences                                                  2+2 dual bachelor degrees           

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz                                                student exchange 
University of Applied Sciences Cologne                                                student exchange  
Mainz University                

Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg

Berlin Institute of Economics and Technology

Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences


  • Japan

Ryutsu Keizai University                                                                             academic exchange

Shiga University                                                                                           faculty, student and academic exchange

Osaka Economic University                                                                      student exchange

Kyushu International University                                                              student exchange

Otaru Commerce University                                                                      student exchange

Ritsumeikan University                                                                               faculty exchange

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University                                                        student exchange            

Hiroshima Shudo University                                                                     student exchange

Wakayama University                                                                                 student exchange

University of Marketing and Distribution                                               student exchange

Kyushu University                                                                                       student exchange

Hitotsubashi University

Kanazawa Seiryo University



  • Netherland

Tilburg University                                                                                         student exchange


  • Russia

Moscow University of Public Finance

St. Petersburg University of Finance and Economics

Vladivostok State University of economics and Service

Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University

Irkutsk State University


  • Singapore

Nanyang Technological University          


  • South Korea

Chungnam National University                                                                 student exchange

Kookmin University

Kangnam University

Seokyeong University

Jeonju University

Keimyung University

Hanyang University

Konkuk University



  • Sweden

Karlstad University


  • Switzerland

Schiller International University


  • Taiwan Region

Shih Hsin University Taiwan

Feng Chia University

Chung Hwua University, Taiwan


  • UK

University of Surrey                                                                                 2+2 dual bachelor degrees 
University of Ulster                                                                                  2+2 dual bachelor degrees 
University of Ulster                                                                                  2+2 dual bachelor degrees
Portsmouth University                                                           

The University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Heriot Watt University


  • USA

Meredith College                                                                                          faculty exchange

Portland State University                                                                            study abroad

Missouri State University                                                                             study abroad

University of Minnesota Duluth                                                                 student exchange

San Diego State University, College of Business Administration       study abroad

Johnson & Wales University

Lake Superior State University

University of Delaware

Oglethorpe University

Radford University

Marywood University

University of Illinois

Salisbury University

Ohio University

University of California, Riverside, Extension