About the City- Dalian

     DUFE is located in Dalian, a city that’s just a 1-hour flight from Beijing. The city offers a pleasant study environment but with a surprisingly different atmosphere from China’s neighboring capital city. With a thriving student community, plenty of entertainment and great transport across China, Dalian is a great place to live and study.


  • Voted China’s most ‘liveable’ city (China Daily Newspaper).

  • Third most popular city for foreigners (Amazing China).

  • A centre for trade and finance, Dalian is one of China’s most prosperous cities, attracting top international companies including Microsoft, Nokia, HP, IBM and Intel, as well as major banking, insurance and securities companies.

  • A unique blend of European, Russian, Japanese and traditional Chinese architecture reflects Dalian’s fascinating history.

  • A popular tourist destination with a mild climate and beautiful beaches.